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Now you can change the notifications in your Teams activity feed

Teams is an incredible piece of software, and one of the best ways to collaborate in our new world of hybrid working.

But the notifications can be endless… a constant stream of activity shouting for your attention.

If your IT partner has integrated third-party software into Teams there’ll be even more noise. It’s worse than colleagues walking past your desk in the office, constantly interrupting you.

Do your staff tell you that there are too many notifications?

The good news is Microsoft is listening to all our feedback, and every day is working to make Teams more useful for all of us.

Last week it announced you’ll soon be able to change the type of notification that appears in your activity feed.

You’ll just right click the feed item to turn off notifications, and select which apps can interrupt you.

This is perfect!

Microsoft’s engineers are working on this right now. It’ll be available in preview later in the month, and should be available for you in December.

We’re impressed with how Microsoft is responding to the damaging nature of notification storms on both our productivity and wellbeing.

Another feature currently under development is the ability to manage notifications during Teams meetings. We’ve all been distracted by a non-related notification during a video call.

In the next few weeks you’ll be able to mute notifications for all meetings, or on a per meeting basis.

What other changes would you like to see Microsoft roll out for Teams?